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Railsconf 2014, Talks I Liked

Here I am listing the talks from Railsconf 2014 that I liked watching. It certainly doesn’t mean that other talks are not good, I list my likes here as I watch the episodes.

  1. Keynote – Writing Software by DHH
  2. Demystifying Data Science: A Live Tutorial by Todd Schneider
  3. Keynote: 10 Years! by Yehuda Katz

Updated – June 3, 2014

  1. Ultra Light and Maintainable Rails Wizards
  2. Workshop – Simplifying Code: Monster to Elegant in N<5 steps
  3. Rack::Attack: Protect your app with this one weird gem!
  4. Make an Event of It
  5. Real-time Rails With Sync
  6. How to Build a Smart Profiler for Rails
  7. Workshop – Applications First, Frameworks Second: Better Systems through Design
  8. Writing Small Code
  9. Lightning Talks
  10. Workshop – Taming Chaotic Specs: RSpec Design